Saturday, November 19, 2011

2013 Cadillac XTS Sedan

An official photo that was published allegedly by mistake on Cadillac's public site earlier today, gives us our first glimpse at the production 2013 XTS luxury sedan, one week ahead of its world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
The picture was captured before it was removed from the website by a reader of Jalopnik, which then confirmed its authenticity with Cadillac.
The production model is almost identical to last year's XTS Platinum concept study that was displayed at the 2010 Detroit motor show. In fact, from this angle, the only noteworthy styling changes appear to be limited to the headlamp and fog lamp assemblies and the larger and more practical mirror housings.
We'll remind you that the new XTS will replace both the DTS and STS sedans in Cadillac's range and that GM has confirmed that it will reach U.S. showrooms in Spring of 2012.

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