Sunday, November 20, 2011

AC Mk VI AC Cars return to the UK

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AC Mk VI roadster (2011)

AC Mk VI: AC Cars return to the UK

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
22 February 2011 12:50
Here's a blast from the past. AC has announced it's returning to the UK market and will exhibit the Mk VI version of its venerable roadster at the 2011 Geneva motor show.

A new Brooklands base for AC, but three manufacturers around the world

AC, a UK manufacturer that's 110-years-young in 2011 but with more regenerations than a Doctor Who convention, is establishing a new base at Brooklands.
The Brooklands AC Heritage Centre will be at the top of the test hill at Brooklands, the historic Surrey racing circuit, museum and motor industry park. Mercedes-Benz World is another notable tenant.
AC Mk VI cars for the UK will be produced at Brooklands, but the company has now become an international assembly operation. In Germany, the MK VI is already in production in Dresden, at what is now known as AC Germany. The Mk VI was actually developed there under the auspices of Gullwing GmbH, which has been producing the MK VI since 2009, and will continue as the AC branch for Europe.
In America, it's not Carroll Shelby but Iconic Motors who will be selling the Iconic AC Roadster. Their version of the AC roadster, built in Livonia, Michigan, has a larger 6.8-litre engine. Confused yet? You will be!

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