Bluebird land speed record in an electric car
Bluebird land speed record in an electric car

Bluebird electric car guns for new EV speed record

By Sarah-Jayne Harrison
First Official Pictures
08 June 2011 10:13

The grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell is continuing his quest for land speed records - with a new attempt to set the electric car v-max.
Don Wales has announced he will attempt a world speed record of 500mph in an electric car in 2013.

500mph? In an EV? He won't be driving a Leaf then! 

Wales will be driving the Bluebird electric car that set an earlier EV record in the 2000. Then he hit 137mph at Pendine Sands in Wales in the electric car - before setting a new world speed record of 148mph in a steam car in 2009.
He's part of a long line of speed freaks and is the grandson of Malcolm Campbell MBE and nephew of Donald Campbell CBE.
The family has always named its land and water speed record breakers Bluebird - all the way back to 1911.