Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BMW M3 CRT (2011)

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BMW M3 CRT (2011) first official pictures

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
24 June 2011 13:30
This is the BMW M3 CRT. It's a lightweight special edition, mating track-spec technology from the M3 GTS with the M3 saloon body. The M3 CRT was unveiled at a BMW M function prior to the 2011 Nurburgring 24hr race this weekend.

M3 CRT: Cathode Ray Tube? Why put an old TV in an M car?

That's M3 Carbon Racing Technology, actually. BMW has borrowed from its growing expertise in carbonfibre structures being developed for the BMW i eco cars to give the M3 CRT its name. But don't go expecting a carbonfibre bodyshell or structure on the end-of-life E90 3-series. Carbonfibre appears on the bonnet, seatbacks, rear wing and front airdam only. Combined with a lightweight titanium exhaust and other lightweight components, BMW have managed to trim 45kgs from the weight of a standard M3 saloon, while retaining four seats, sat-nav and hi-fi.

M3 CRT: GTS engine and suspension

BMW has fitted the M3 CRT with its 4.4-litre, 444bhp V8 engine and coupled it to the M-DCT dual-clutch transmission. Adjustable coilover dampers join a rigid rear axle subframe, six-piston front disc brakes and 19-inch light alloy wheels to differentiate the M3 CRT from a regular M3 saloon. The unique matte silver exterior paint with metallic red accents complete the transformation to M3 CRT

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