Saturday, November 26, 2011

BMW X6 Crossover to Receive an Injection of Botox-like Styling Upgrades

It's nip-and-tuck time for BMW's X6 sporty crossover that has been caught once again roaming the roads of Germany in very light camouflage.
This prototype model of the X6 has received some subtle upgrades from the last time we saw it, namely the reshaped side air vents that incorporate repositioned fog lamps on the front bumper.
The headlamps remained partially covered as do the rear lights, something that tells us we should expect some barely noticeable styling changes on both fixtures. In other words, nothing to get excited about.
A new palette of colors along with new alloy wheel designs, minor enhancements in the interior, and possibly some mechanical tweaks here and there to further improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions, should round out the changes for the new model year.


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