Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BMW Z4 GT3 (2011) completes testing

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BMW Z4 GT3 (2011) completes testing

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
12 April 2011 09:51
BMW Motorsport has released pictures of its upgraded Z4 GT3 race car. The 2011 car has completed testing and is available for customer teams.

BMW Z4 GT3: the lowdown

The Z4 GT3 may look like a regular Z4 that's been attacked by a boy-racer with a carbonfibre and tea-tray rear wing fetish. But under the skin the Z4 GT3 ditches straight-six power for a 4.4-litre motorsport-tuned V8 engine, hooked up to a six-speed racing transmission

BMW Motorsport takes a regular Z4 coupe-cabriolet body shell, and removes the retractable hardtop, bonnet, bootlid, front and rear wings and the bumpers. In goes an FIA-approved rollcage, modified front structure for that V8 engine and suitably uprated suspension and steering hardware.
A 100-litre fuel tank takes care of the V8's thirst, which is monitored along with the other performance parameters by a digital instrument panel. Lightweight carbonfibre panels cover up the racing tech. For 2011 BMW has particularly focused on honing the Z4 GT3's aerodynamics, says the team.

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