Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Celtic Tattoo

Celtic tattoo design are the latest rage in the world of tattoo design. Celtic design tattoos have a reason behind the symbolism associated with it. The Celts in the olden days did not a particular language to communicate via the written word. Therefore, they tried to express themselves through symbolism. Designs that incorporated symbols from nature were thus quite popular as this communicated their love for nature. The "Celtic tattoo" mostly symbolize wisdom, as the tattoo symbols were based on the deep understanding of mathematics and geometry. Let us look in more detail the "picture Celtic tattoo".

"Celtic tattoo"

'Celtic tribal tattoo'
'Celtic dolphin tattoo'
'Celtic iris tattoo'
'Celtic Knot tattoo'
'Celtic Butterfly Tattoo'
'Celtic Claddagh Tattoo'
'Celtic Shamrock tattoo'
'Celtic Heart Tattoo'

So, now that you have so many "Celtic tattoo ideas" from picture, I'm sure you're just waiting for that appointment of yours to draw nearer. 'Tattoos' form a permanent part of your body, so you need to think before you opt for the pattern least you change your mind! Remember to take appropriate "tattoo" care measures, and ensure that you have a clean, safe and beautiful tattoo! Good luck!

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