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Citroen DS5 (2011)

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Citroen DS5 (2011) first official pictures

By Ben Pulman
First Official Pictures
18 April 2011 10:30
This is the Citroen DS5, the third addition to Citroen’s 21st century DS-badged range. Set to be unveiled at the 2011 Shanghai motor show tomorrow, this crossover is the Citroen DS5 White Pearl, a tag that designates that a few of the exterior and interior detailings are just for show. However, what you see before you is essentially the same DS5 that will go on sale in the UK at the end of 2011.

So what exactly is the new Citroen DS5?

A crossover, in the simplest terms. Just as the DS4 rides a little higher than the C4, so the DS5 sits higher than the C5 saloon – the DS5 is 4.52m long and 1.85m wide, making it longer and narrower than the C5. To our eyes, it’s pretty smart and sleek, with DS design cues like the scalloped air intakes in the front bumper.
There’s a hatchback boot, seating for five inside, plus a driver-orientated cockpit with an array of overhead switches, a head-up display and button-laden centre console. It looks good.
The DS5 is the first Citroen model to feature PSA’s Hybrid4 technology – we’ve already seen the diesel hybrid powertrain in the Peugeot 3008 and 508. The clever set-up combines a 163bhp 2.0-litre HDi engine to drive the front wheels, and a 37bhp electric motor to turn the rear axle. The result is a front-, rear- or four-wheel drive Citroen, with CO2 emissions of 99g/km, plus the ability to run electric power alone.

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