Saturday, November 26, 2011

Citroën goes Artsy with DS5 Cinemagraphs

If you're into photography, then you've probably heard about cinemagraphs. If you haven't, then please allow us a moment to explain.
Cinemgraphs are still images that contain living elements within themselves. They are created by uniting a series of pictures or video frames into an animated GIF file resulting in a motionless picture in which a minor looped animation occurs.
In Citroën's case, the French automaker's British arm commissioned automotive photographer James Lipman and design agency TIZA Creative to produce a series of cinemagraphs to showcase the new DS5's interior and exterior.
Coincidentally, these are the first official visuals of the right-hand drive version of DS5.
Citroen’s new crossoverish hatchback is the third addition to the French brand's DS-badged lineup after the DS3 and DS4 and it is positioned between the C4 C-segment and the C5 D-segment models. It's the first Citroen model to feature PSA’s diesel-electric Hybrid4 technology with a clever set up that allows for front-, rear- or four-wheel drive.


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