Saturday, November 19, 2011

CLP Automotive's BMW X6 Bruiser

We would hardly call BMW's X6 crossover a looker, which could explain the abundance of styling packages available from independent tuners. However, something tells us that CLP Automotive's newest offering called "Bruiser", will not help change the notion that the X6 is well, a dud when it comes to looks.
The Bruiser package is all show and no go as it is limited to a wide aero kit and new wheels.
The cosmetic makeover includes a new front bumper with massive air vents covered in a mesh grid, headlamp eyelashes [sic…], front grilles painted in the same color as the rest of the car, widened front and rear fenders connected by a prominent side skirt and a new romper incorporating a diffuser and quad tail pipes.
A small rear boot spoiler and massive, deep-dish 23-inch alloy wheels in a black and bronze two-tone finish round out CLP Automotive's styling changes.
The complete kit is priced at €10,000 or about US$13,500 at today's exchange rates, which includes German VAT but not installation.


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