Saturday, November 19, 2011

DP Motorsports Redoes a 1973 Porsche 911 in Carbon Fiber

There are tuning jobs and there are tuning jobs. Whereas some companies sprinkle a few accessories on their cars and call it a day, other tuners like DP Motorsports go the whole nine yards creating truly unique projects.
The German firm's newest creation is a very special 1973 Porsche 911 (G-Model) that has been transformed in every possible way. The highlight of the tune is the carbon fiber dp11 RS 2011 costume manufactured from carbon fiber, which includes the roof, bumpers, hood, doors, rocker panels front and rear fenders and the rear spoiler - in other words, every exterior body panel.
And that's not all. The weight saving measures also include the use of a green heated windscreen, a set of green-toned Plexiglas windows, as well as lightweight headlamp and tail light lenses, plus an air conditioning cover and underbody protection made from carbon fiber.
A smaller windshield cleaning liquid tank, a lighter electric interior airing system, middle oil cooler with front hood ventilation, as well as a brake cooling housing made from carbon fiber further help reduce the car's weight.
As for the interior, DP Motorsports stripped the 911's cabin and added a light carbon fiber dashboard and bucket seats, both partially covered in Alcantara, as well as a safety cage and a lightweight sports steering wheel.
Power for the transformed 1973 Porsche 911 comes courtesy of a 3.6-liter flat-six featuring a 50-mm PMO carburetor with open air filters that is rated at 310-horsepower or 228kW. A G-50 Gearbox and limited slip differential are also part of the package as is a new braking system originating from a 964 and adjusted for the 911-G-Model.
The hardcore sports coupe rides on a set of 15-inch Fuchs wheels shod in tires size 225/50-15 up front and 345/35-15 at the rear. Finally, DP Motorsports upgraded the car's suspension with new coilovers, adjustable stabilizers, and rear-axle independent arms with Uniball bushings.
All these modifications help drastically bring down the car's weight from the standard 911's 1,080kg to 1,336kg (2831-2,943 pounds) -depending on the model and equipment features- to just 870kg (1,918 pounds).
The German company did not announce pricing details for its lightweight 911 project.


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