Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Infiniti Introduces New IPL G Convertible at 2011

Being a luxury carmaker is all fine and dandy but if don’t have your own performance division, you haven’t really made it to the major league. BMW has the M Division, Mercedes-Benz has AMG, Audi its RS and S lines while even luxury-oriented Lexus has the “F Sport” range to show for itself. ’s answer to all these acronyms is IPL, which stands for Infiniti Performance Line. With jus at last year’s Paris Motor Show, the production IPL G is distinguished by the redesigned front fascia and bumper with integrated fog lights, the sculpted side skirts, 19-inch split-rim 7-spoke alloys with graphite finish and the two exclusive body finishes named Moonlight White and Malbec Black.
The interior also gets two color trims –Stone and the IPL-exclusive Monaco Red-, as well as red-stitched leather front sports seats. The “Silk Obi” aluminum trim, aluminum-trimmed pedals and footrest and IPL logos on the front seatbacks and floor mats further distinguish the IPL G Convertible from the standard model.
Do not assume though that Infiniti has gone down the “all show and no go” road. In fact, the Japanese brand has tuned the 3.7-liter V6’s engine management system, raising the maximum output point by 400 rpm, to 7,400 rpm.
A more linear torque curve and a revised exhaust system, help raise maximum output by 18HP to 343HP, and torque by 6 lb-ft to 273 lb-ft compared to the standard G37 Convertible.
Power is transfered to the rear wheels through an electronically controlled, seven-speed auto transmission that allows the driver to also change gears manually via the magnesium steering-wheel mounted paddles.
Finally, the Infiniti IPL G Convertible features an IPL-developed sports suspension, low-profile W-rated Bridgestone Potenza RE050A performance tires and a more potent braking system.


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