Friday, November 18, 2011

Jeep Reveals New Arctic Editions of 2012

Another month, another batch of special edition Jeep models. This time, it’s the snowy-themed Wrangler and Liberty SUV Arctic specials, which are expected tol arrive in Jeep showroooms by the end of November.
The Wrangler Arctic is based on the Sahara model and can be distinguished by its Winter Chill, Bright Silver or Bright White body finish and matching-color hardtop and wheel arches.
It also sports “Arctic” logos on the front fenders, a “Yeti footprint” decal on the driver’s side fender and hood, black hood decal and Mopar black fuel filler door and tail lamp guards, as well as semi-gloss black 17-inch Rubicon wheels with 32-inch tires.
The cabin features black “Tectonic” fabric with white “Polar White” accents and orange piping and stitching on the heated front seats, the steering wheel, arm rest and console lid. There are also orange accents in door trim and nets and “Polar White” trim on grab handles and dashboard vents, and Mopar slush mats with white Jeep lettering.
The Liberty Arctic is available in an additional Mineral Gray color and shares most of the Wrangler’s equipment, with subtle differences such as the 16-inch alloys, deep tint glass and tow hooks, blacked-out headlights and standard fog lamps.
Similarities with the Wrangler Arctic extend to the interior, where the Liberty differs in the black vinyl, Gortex-embossed seat cover, gray gauges, one-touch windows and a nine-speaker Infiniti sound system.


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