Monday, November 14, 2011

Kia Picanto three-door (2011)

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Kia Picanto three-door (2011): first pictures

By Tim Pollard
First Official Pictures
15 August 2011 09:31
Kia is launching a three-door version of the Picanto for the first time. The new entry-level supermini arrives in showrooms on 1 September 2011, priced from £7795.
It's a wedgy, attitudinal hatch designed to broaden the appeal of the Picanto. Rather more cheesily, Kia says 'if the five-door Picanto is the small car, grown up, then the three-door is the same but with a twinkle in its eye.'

Kia Picanto 3dr: the background

The Koreans have faultless logic behind launching a three-door Picanto. It forecasts global demand for A-segment city cars to hit 2.4 million by 2014.
Yet within a year, that'll hit 3.3m by 2015 - and a third of those will be three-door city cars.
In the UK, city car buyers are split 55:45 in favour of five-doors.

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