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Lotus Evora by Mansory (2011)

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Lotus Evora by Mansory (2011)

Lotus Evora by Mansory (2011) at 2011 Geneva motor show

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
10 February 2011 17:31
In the avalanche of hype surrounding Lotus's future ambitions, the current range of Lotus vehicles has been largely overlooked. With this in mind, Lotus has turned to an unexpected source to inject some media buzz and visual freshness into the Evora for the 2011 Geneva motor show: Mansory.
Under the slogan 'Is it always wise to customise? If you must then do it with some style' Lotus has commissioned Mansory to customise the Evora – continuing the run of controversial new moves that the firm has made under CEO Dany Bahar’s leadership.

Lotus Evora: what Mansory's done

Mansory has applied its well-known carbonfibre fetish to the Lotus coupe, bringing the Evora closer to the edgy styling cues of design chief Donato Coco’s next-generation Lotus concept cars.
Readers fearing an Evora smothered by expensive materials with the exuberance/gaudiness Mansory has become infamous for may be mildly reassured by the preview photos: the Evora by Mansory features carbonfibre-trimmed extremities, but is not a comprehensive assault on the styling of the current car.
Lotus has officially denied that the Mansory-massaged concept previews an official Evora facelift, stating that 'it’s a taste of the future of Lotus product customisation.'

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