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Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport (2011)

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Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport (2011): first pictures

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
21 February 2011 11:33
Another Geneva motor show, another Maserati variant. Maser has released details of the new Grancabrio Sport, a go-faster version of the 2009 Grancabrio drop-top GT.

Must be motor show season, then?

Too right! Maserati generally releases a subtly fettled new edition of existing models prior to major European motor shows, and with the 2011 Geneva motor show just a fortnight away... welcome to the Grancabrio Sport.

Maserati Grancabrio Sport: the lowdown

Maserati claims it's reduced fuel consumption by 6% over the standard 4.7-litre V8 by means of 'Maserati’s Friction Reduction Program', which also improves responsiveness of the engine. No further details of how this is actually achieved will be released ahead of Geneva, but power and torque are similar to the Granturismo MC Stradale (442bhp, 376lb/ft).
The Skyhook adaptive dampers and suspension have received another set of tweaks for sportier handling; the ZF six-speed automatic is upgraded to a variant of the MC Sport Auto software from the Quattroporte Sport GT S (a car not short of motor show refreshing itself).
Outside, there is some mild tweaking of the Grancabrio Sport's grille and headlights (now in black) and the front bumper and side-skirts.  And get this. There's a new shade of red too: Rosso Trionfale, said to be inspired by the national racing colours worn by the legendary Maserati 250F Formula 1 car of the 1950s. 

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