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Mercedes C-class Coupe (2011)

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Mercedes C-class Coupe (2011) first pictures

By Tim Pollard
First Official Pictures
13 February 2011 00:01
Mercedes is expanding the C-class range further with this new C-class Coupe. Due to be shown at the 2011 Geneva motor show, the new two-door C apes the larger CLS in style, yet is tipped to cost from £30,000 when sales start in June 2011.
The C-class Coupe essentially slots in where the CLK left off. It's 41mm lower than the C saloon and, to these eyes, looks rather attractive all round.
In the UK the C-class Coupe comes as standard with the AMG Sports Package as standard, which means toughened-up AMG body kit and 18in AMG alloys.

So who'll buy the new Mercedes C-class Coupe?

It is pitched at 35- to 45-year-olds, says Merc. 'By extending the C-class portfolio, we are consciously targeting new customers,' says Dr Joachim Schmidt, head of sales and marketing. 'The new model is youthful, stylish and dynamic. What we are offering is an exceptionally sporty way to enter the world of the Mercedes-Benz coupe.'
The C-class Coupe is a four-seater, and the rear seats flop down to extend the boot at weekends.

Merc C-class Coupe engines

The C-class packs a range of hardware familiar from the existing C range. Interestingly, the C-class and E-class Coupe share much of their underpinnings.
Five direct-injection petrol and diesel engines will be offered:
Model Cyls cc bhp NM 0-62mph Top speed Economy CO2
C220 CDI 4cyl 2143 170 400 8.1sec 231kph 53.2mpg 128g/km
C250 CDI 4cyl 2143 204 500 7.1sec 240kph 53.2mpg 128g//km
C180 4cyl 1796 156 250 8.8sec 223kph 40.3mpg 150g/km
C250 4cyl 1796 204 310 7.2sec 240kph 40.3mpg 152g/km
C350 V6 3498 306 370 6.0sec 250kph 40.3mpg 159g/km


Any other tricks?

Sure. Hhow about Merc's new Comand Online system, which has full onboard web access (while stationary). So nav offers Google Maps functionality and will record your route if requested.
Not enough tech? Then how about adaptive highbeam, drowsiness detector, speed limit readers, lane-keep assist and blindspot monitors. Driver optional?

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