Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mercedes Concept A-class (2011)

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Mercedes Concept A-class (2011) first official pictures

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
07 April 2011 00:01
Mercedes-Benz has released the first images of its upcoming A-class replacement.  The 2012 production A-class will be previewed by this Concept A-class, which makes its simultaneous debut at the 2011 Shanghai and New York motor shows.

Mercedes Concept A-class: Wait... that's an A-class?

Yes, it really is.  Mercedes have ditched the sandwich floor, high-rise A-class platform with the new 2011 Concept A-class.  The next A-class will be a conventional front-wheel drive hatchback in the mould of the VW Golf or more specifically its upwardly-mobile cousin, the Audi A3. Exact dimensions of the Concept A-class haven't been released but our sources say to expect the production car to be 170mm lower and 440mm longer than its predecessor.

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