Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mercedes ML 63 AMG (2012)

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Mercedes ML 63 AMG (2012) first pictures

By Tim Pollard
First Official Pictures
14 November 2011 20:00
Mercedes is packing its M-class off-roader off to the gym to beef up to BMW's M division SUVs and Porsche's Cayenne Turbo. The result? The new ML63 AMG, unveiled today.
The new high-performance ML63 packs AMG's new 5.5-litre V8. They call it downsizing, but shrinking from 6.2 litres to 5.5 hardly compromises the outputs: the bi-turbo V8 cranks out 518bhp and 516lb ft.

So the new 2012 Merc ML63 AMG's another pointlessly fast monster 4x4?

Depending on your perspective! One man's go-faster SUV is another man's dream car, and all that.
If you like fast 4x4s, you'll love the ML63. It gets 15bhp and 52lb ft over the outgoing AMG'ed M. And if you spec the AMG Performance pack and its swollen 1.3 bar boost (up from 1.0), the outputs grow to 549bhp and 561lb ft. These are truly startling figures for a big, bluff 4x4 - these big luxury sports utility vehicles have a unique feel from behind the wheel when you stamp on the gas.

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