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Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster (2011) more pics

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Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster (2011) more pics

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
29 May 2011 00:01
AMG has released a full portfolio of images for the upcoming SLS AMG Roadster, giving us our first full view of the drop-top V8 sports car ahead of its debut in autumn 2011.

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster: the lowdown (top-down)

Off come the SLS gullwing doors, away goes the roof structure and on goes a set of conventionally hinged doors to match the convertible soft-top. It's a power-operated three-layer cloth roof with heated glass rear window, capable of transitioning from 'English summer... ' closed to 'it's stopped raining!' open in 11 seconds. The roof folds in a z-shape to rest behind the seats and above the boot space, which at 173 litres only lsoes 3 litres to the SLS coupe, and performs its quick-change act at speeds up to 31mph. You can have your SLS AMG Roadster soft-top in either black, red or beige depending on which of the nine standard exterior and eight interior colours you choose.
Inside it's largely the same interior from the SLS, with lower sills and new armrest and door card design to match the conventional doors. Airscarf headrest climate control is optional, but fixed roll hoops, eight airbags and a slot-in plexiglass air deflector are standard with the SLS AMG Roadster. Also on the interior options list are Bang and Olufsen BeoSound AMG hi-fi, and AMG Performance Media: a timing and telemetry system which includes mobile internet access.

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