Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini Life Ball (2011)

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Mini Life Ball (2011): Mini's latest one-off charity special

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
25 May 2011 11:30
This is the Mini 'Red Mudder'. a one-off custom Mini created by Canadian fashion designers DSQUARED² for the Life Ball, an annual AIDS charity event held in Vienna.

Mini Life Ball (2011): the lowdown (err, jacked-up)

DSQUARED² are Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten, who launched their first fashion collection in 1995 and have been flummoxing sub-editors of non-fashion publications with their company name ever since.
Taking a Mini Cooper S hatchback as their canvas, the Catens decided to equip it for the Canadian outdoors - visually at least. The suspension has been raised and all-terrain tyres fitted, but don't go looking for Mini's All4 four-wheel-drive system underneath. A front nudge bar, extra spotlights on the nose and roof, and a tailgate mounted spare tyre complete the exterior transformation.
Inside, the Canadian duo removed the rear seats and created a ruggedised storage area with removable locker and fuel cans. Add DSQUARED² maple leaf logos inside and out, choose a patriotic Canadian read and black colourscheme and the 2011 Life Ball has its outdoorsy party piece.

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