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Porsche Panamera Diesel (2011)

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Porsche Panamera Diesel (2011) first official pictures

By Ben Pulman
First Official Pictures
02 May 2011 08:00
Like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0? Then this new Porsche Panamera Diesel probably isn't the car for you – it's the cheapest and most economical Panamera yet.
The new Panamera Diesel is also Porsche's second-ever diesel model, joining the Cayenne in Porsche's oil-burning range. This is a market cornered by diesel power, in Europe at least, thus expanding the sales potential of Porsche's four-door sports saloon.

So how cheap is the new Porsche Panamera Diesel – and how economical is it?

Err, it's £62,134, which isn't what buyers on a budget were probably hoping for; it might be £649 less than a Panamera V6, but it's still £15,796 more than a Cayenne Diesel. It's not massively more fuel efficient than the Cayenne Diesel, but 43.5mpg makes this Porsche's most economical car ever.
The Panamera Diesel's 172g/km CO2 figure can't beat the Panamera S Hybrid, but the figures are improved to 44.8mpg and 167g/km if you spec the optional lower-rolling resistance tyres. With the 80-litre tank, Porsche reckons you can cover 745 miles between fuel stops; a stop/start function is standard.

What's the diesel engine in the Panamera?

It's the same 3.0-litre V6 you'll find in the Cayenne Diesel, with the same VGT variable geometry turbo technology you'll find on the GT2 RS, says Porsche. The Porsche limo has 5bhp more than the SUV though, so total power is 247bhp from 3800rpm to 4400rpm, along with 406lb ft from 1750rpm to 2750rpm.

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