Monday, November 21, 2011

Renault Captur concept car (2011)

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Renault Captur concept car (2011) first pictures

Renault Captur concept car (2011) at 2011 Geneva motor show

By Tim Pollard
First Official Pictures
10 February 2011 11:08
Renault today whisked the covers off the new Captur concept car. It’s a compact SUV akin to alliance partner Nissan’s Juke – and the Renault Captur will be the French brand’s star at the 2011 Geneva motor show in March.
It’s certainly a welcome look at a clean-sheet proposal for an SUV. We’ve never fully warmed to the larger Koleos, a short-cut gleaned from the innards of Renault’s Asian partners.

Renault Captur concept car: the details

The Captur captures Renault’s new design DNA, as pioneered on the 2010 Dezir concept car. As well as the striking new-look Renault nose, there are some interesting design details: the LED indicators flow into a wave the full length of the flanks and there’s a pleasing chunkiness to its shape.
Crafted from carbonfibre, the Captur has a removable roof flipping the crossover between coupe and convertible. The Murano CrossCabriolet over at Nissan has clearly had an impact in the corridors of power at Paris.
Four passengers access the car through butterfly doors, settling into skeletal carbon seats.

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