Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Renault Frendzy concept (2011)

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Renault Frendzy concept (2011) first official pictures

By Jack Constantine
First Official Pictures
07 July 2011 14:30
Renault has revealed its new 66bhp electric city vehicle – the Frendzy – and in true concept car style it features non-symmetrical doors (think Mini Clubman) and a TV screen instead of a rear window on the other side (think Pimp My Ride…).
This is the 'Work' instalment of new styling chief Laurens van den Acker's series of concept cars showing the different sides of Renault design. It's also a hint of the new Kangoo.

Not a great start then. What about the interior?

At first glance the rear looks like a van with its sloped loading bay, but flipping open a compartment reveals a fold-out rear bench. The minimalistic theme to the interior maximises space, welcome in a compact MPV. The fabric roof can adapt to luggage space.
The Renault Frendzy has two sides – ‘family’ and ‘work’. Its ‘work’ side (right) has a 37in plasma screen where the rear window was and a rear sliding door. The ‘family’ side has suicide doors and the luxury of side windows.
During ‘family’ mode, the Frendzy’s door mirrors swivel round to the horizontal position and the interior is orange-lit. In ‘work’ mode, they sit upright and the interior lighting is green. The point of this is yet to be explained.

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