Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skoda's Cheeky Print Ad on Automatic Ambient Lighting

This is one of those print adverts that you may not be sure what is being promoted upon a first glance but you'll definitely remember once you get it and start smiling.
The ad is for the European market Skoda Superb, a spacious mid-size saloon (available as an Estate as well) based on a stretched version of the VW Passat's platform, and it highlights the saloon's automatic ambient lighting positioned under the doors and exterior rear-view mirrors by showing a middle-age man wearing red heels and fence net stockings.
Here's what the ad reads:
Get in and out safely thanks to automatic ambient lighting.
Ambient lighting under the door and exterior rear-view mirror means you will never unexpectedly step into a muddy puddle in your best shoes. It is only one of the exceptional extras that make this Skoda limousine so unique. Like the fuel-efficient engine and green A-label. So your Superb is also remarkably clean.
And don’t be taken aback if people suddenly start watching you. An automobile with this level of luxury just naturally attracts attention. Particularly when it is available from prices starting at €24.990- The Skoda Superb, the limousine from Skoda.

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