Subaru XV concept (2011) first teaser picture

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
12 April 2011 11:13

Subaru has offered a first glimpse at the Subaru XV, a new crossover SUV concept for the 2011 Shanghai motor show.

Where's the Subaru XV? Is it hiding?

For the Subaru XV release, Subaru's press office has followed the 'darkened silhouette' school of teaser photographs.
So at this stage, all we can tell you is that the Subaru XV is a wagonoid form sitting rather tall on its wheels versus a conventional estate. Would you have preferred a lovingly rendered close-up shot of a wing mirror instead?

Do we know anything else about the new Subaru XV concept car?

Subaru is holding on to full details until the 2011 Shanghai motor show next week.  The XV is a crossover SUV with Subaru's traditional all-wheel-drive, and it has been designed under the theme of 'enjoyment and peace of mind'.
Subaru's aim with the XV is to combine SUV practicality with a fashionable form. Given that Subaru is a brand known for winning respect with its durable, practical vehicles in spite of their, how do we put this kindly, distinctive styling it will be interesting to see what the XV looks like when the lights go up.