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Subaru’s rear-drive sports car (2011)

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Subaru’s rear-drive sports car (2011) at 2011 Geneva motor show

Subaru’s rear-drive sports car (2011) at 2011 Geneva motor show

By Ben Pulman
First Official Pictures
22 February 2011 10:20
While Toyota unveiled a revised version of its FT-86 sports car at the 2011 Geneva motor show, Subaru chose to only preview the powertrain of its 'Toyobaru' rear-drive sports coupe. Subaru and Toyota are developing the car together, and each will produce a version of the rear-drive coupe in 2012, but so far it’s been Toyota that’s grabbed all the limelight.

So this is Subaru’s version of the Toyota FT-86?

Yes, though Subaru was originally due to show a full concept version of its RWD sports car at Geneva, but has instead only revelead the powertrain and basic body shape – not the best move, as the Toyota looks good, and without body panels you only imagine this Scooby version to have bland, flat body panels. The engine is a naturally aspirated 2.0-litre flat four, and the car rides on 17in wheels.
We have no name for the car either, and even Subaru keeps changing what it calls the concept: just a few weeks ago it was the ‘Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept’, but now it’s the slightly snappier ‘Boxer Sports Car Architecture’.
Subaru has also set up a website for interested customers to learn more about the new car – and Subaru’s departure from its famed all-wheel drive chassis. The promise: ‘the RWD Sports Car adds a completely new package to Subaru’s existing AWD line-up, making Subaru’s legendary on-road performance even more accessible. Its stunning performance stems from Subaru’s key component – the horizontally opposed boxer engine. The ‘Boxer Sports Car Architecture’ embodies Subaru’s new definition of driving excitement, and is a true technical masterpiece that assure drivers a level of confidence that only Subaru can provide.’

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