Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle (2011)

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Volkswagen Beetle (2011) first official pictures

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
18 April 2011 13:00
After 11 long years on sale the New Beetle is dead – its successor is this, The Beetle. We'll just call it the new 2011 VW Beetle.

2011 VW Beetle: trading flower-power for outlaw rodder

Wider, lower and longer, the 2011 Beetle abandons its predecessors three semi-circle styling for the flat-roof look of 2005’s hot rod-inspired Ragster concept.

At the front, the Beetle adopts the corporate horizontal intake styling and a more angular front bumper melded with a less curvaceous evolution of the 1998 New Beetle styling template.
The flattening of the New Beetle's curves continues in profile and at the rear we see a standard integrated spoiler below the rear window. More complex tail-light clusters fit with the current corporate style book, while overall the Beetle is a more aggressive, masculine design. 

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