Sunday, November 20, 2011

Volkswagen Golf Cabrio (2011)

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Volkswagen Golf Cabrio (2011): first official pictures

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
23 February 2011 09:00
Volkswagen has released the first photos of the 2011 Golf Cabriolet, prior to its official launch at the 2011 Geneva motor show.

New in 2011? I could've sworn that they'd already released the Golf cabrio?

It's that sort of car, the Golf Cabrio. But we can assure you this is actually a new vehicle. There hasn't been a Golf soft-top since 2002, and that car was a Mk3 Golf in Mk4 clothing. 

Where's the 'basket handle' rollover hoop?

Previous Golf Cabriolets have sported a prominent rollover bar,  For the Mk6 edition, Volkswagen has installed a pop-up rollover protection system, as found on the Eos, New Beetle and (whisper it) Audi A3 cabriolets. The system deploys in milliseconds, and allows the 2011 Golf Cabriolet to dispense with one of its predecessors' visual hallmarks.
You'll also notice that the convertible roof hides nearly flush with the body in the latest Golf convertible. That soft-top is now electrically operated as standard, and can switch from fresh-air to fully enclosed in 9.5 seconds. You can even go topless at speeds up to 18mph. 

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