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Volkswagen Up (2012)

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Volkswagen Up (2012): first photos of VW's mini

By Tim Pollard
First Official Pictures
21 August 2011 07:00
Almost four years to the day after we first saw the VW Up concept car, Volkswagen is unveiling the real thing: this is the new VW Up city car, on sale in UK dealers in spring 2012.
Forget the official, trendily informal name 'up!'. I'm afraid CAR's going to overrule the grammatical violations and call it the good old Volkswagen Up.

It certainly looks very similar to the VW Up concept car

Indeed it does. The exterior style of Volkswagen's baby, which replaces the Fox, remains intact. Just this three-door will be launched next spring, probably in time for the new '12' reg in March.
Prices in Germany will start at €8950, pointing to a UK cost around £8000.
A five-door will follow, and the flow of concept cars – such as the Space Up – points to future derivatives. Not for nothing is this new range called the New Small Family; the Up will indeed form the basis of a suite of small Volkswagens for global sale.

Volkswagen Up: in detail

The Up is well packaged: at just 3540mm long and 1640mm wide, it's short, yet this is a full four-seater, thanks to a wheelbase as near as damn it identical to the Polo's, at 2420mm between the axles.
Just look at the minimal overhangs to understand the packaging. And VW engineers are proud of the boot space on board: at 251 litres with the seats up, it's usefully larger than the Aygo/C1/107 competition – and swells to 951 litres with the back seats folded.

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