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VW CC facelift (2011) first

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VW CC facelift (2011) first pictures

By Tim Pollard
First Official Pictures
03 November 2011 04:00

Volkswagen today slid the covers off the new Passat CC – except this time it's being renamed simply the VW CC.
There's the same space for four (or five as an option) adults and four doors, wrapped in a gently reheated coupe-meets-saloon bodystyle. Think of it as the poor man's Mercedes CLS, if you will.

VW CC: the lowdown

VW will show the new CC at the 2011 Los Angeles auto show in mid-November, ahead of UK sales in spring/summer 2012.
The front and end is restyled in line with Volkswagen's latest stylistic mores – with a new Phaeton-inspired grille and reprofiled bonnet – while the side sills are reshaped and the rear bumper is new too. It's a subtle update.
Expect some technical innovation too. Every engine now has stop-start and intelligent alternator charging to save fuel. Outputs  span from 138bhp to 296bhp, and all engines up to 207bhp can be specced with a DSG twin-clutch transmission.

Anything else new on the Passat CC?

Standard equipment now includes bi-xenon headlamps, new LED rear lights and a system to tell if you're getting tired.
Other gizmos include optional blindspot detection systems, auto-dip headlamps and a traffic sign spotter. Mostly electronic software upgrades, then.

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