Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VW Golf R Cabriolet Concept (2011) arrives at Worthersee

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VW Golf R Cabriolet Concept (2011) arrives at Worthersee

By Mark Hamilton
First Official Pictures
03 June 2011 09:30
VW Group's slow reveal of one-off concept cars continues at the Worthersee Tour on the shore of Lake Worthersee in Austria. This time it's parent brand VW, who have released details on its Golf R Cabriolet concept.

VW Golf R Cabriolet Concept: the top-down

Rather than inject its supermini with 496bhp steroids or decapitate its rally car, volkswagen has decided to blend two of its most recent Golf variants, merging the Golf Cabriolet's roofless bodyshell with the Golf R's four-wheel-drive powertrain.
At a show known for stuffing maximum power and torque into VW products, the Golf R Cabriolet is surprising for retaining the standard Golf R's 266bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre four. Torque (258 lb ft), 0-62mph time (5.5sec with DSG) and top speed (155mph) also remain the same in the soft-top Golf R.    
Inside, the Golf R has been fitted with lightweight sports seats and a custom-trimmed interior in dark blue carbon leather, grey nappa leather, piano black and - wait for it - carbonfibre. 

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