Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alfa Romeo Giulietta by Maserati to be Used

Collaborations between two companies that belong in the same group is a common practice. However, platform or parts sharing, or even badge engineering, is not the only form of a partnership.
In 2008, Ferrari chose a limited edition of the Fiat 500 as a courtesy car for its customers. Now, two more brands of the Fiat group have emulated the Ferrari-Fiat move. Maserati has chosen Alfa Romeo's C-segment hatchback, the Giulietta, as a courtesy car for its clients in Europe.
The car, which will be produced in a strictly limited number of 100 units, is based on the top-of-the-line Quadrifoglio Verde that’s powered by a 235HP turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine.
The “Giulietta for Maserati” special will be distinguished on the outside by 18-inch alloy wheels that Alfa says are “enhanced by diamond tooling” and larger brakes with red calipers.
In the cabin, Maserati owners who will use the Giulietta as a courtesy car will find “Maserati Brown” Venere leather upholstery, brushed aluminum inserts along with an “Alfa Romeo for Maserati” plaque on the dashboard and aluminum door sill plates with the names “Giulietta” and “Maserati” engraved on them.
Standard features include bi-xenon headlights with AFS function, a navigation system with a pop-up display, a Blue&Me hands-free system with steering wheel-mounted controls, Bluetooth, USB and AUX-IN connectivity and dual-zone automatic climate control.


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