Ferrari 599XX Evolution (2011) unveiled

Ferrari 599XX Evolution (2011) unveiled

By Tim Pollard
First Official Pictures
30 November 2011 17:00

While the rest of the world's media was at the Tokyo motor show, Ferrari stuck local with a surprise - modest - announcement at the 2011 Bologna motor show in Italy.
It unveiled an evolution of the Ferrari 599XX, the track-based R&D and race toy for its well heeled customers.

What's new on the Ferrari 599XX for 2012?

The 599XX gets a host of minor detailed upgrades, including most noticeably a rear wing derived from Maranello's F1 programme.
The spoiler has two flaps which rotate to adjust the downforce between the front and rear axles - not dissimilar to the controversial flexible rear wing on Massa's weekend racer. It's like DRS for the road.

Anything else new on the 599XX?

There's a smidge more power - 740bhp, be warned - and they've somehow snipped away a further 35kg from the kerbweight. New Pirelli tyres should keep you pinned to the track in case you're too busy fiddling with your new aero package mid-corner, which is claimed to achieve a not inconsiderable 440kg of downforce in the closed position.
End result? The newest 599XX laps Fiorano in 1min 15sec.