Saturday, December 10, 2011

Toyota Debuts New 2012 Camry Sedan in Australia [52 Photos]

Toyota continues its global roll out of the seventh-generation of its Camry sedan with the Australian launch. The down-under version of Toyota's bestseller is identical to the North American model sans for the interior fabrics, colour, and trim as well as the steering and suspension settings that were adapted for the local market.
The Australian Camry is produced in Melbourne with the factory being heavily dependent on exports, mainly to the Middle East region.
"Camry will be a significant contributor to the Australian and Victorian economies, and holds the key to a strong future for the local automotive sector," said Toyota Australia senior executive director sales and marketing, David Buttner.
"In addition to local sales, Camry will be exported to more than 12 countries, including Saudi Arabia, other Middle East countries and New Zealand, earning export sales revenue well in excess of $1 billion a year," he added.
The Camry launches in Australia with a new and more powerful 2.5-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine, matched to a six-speed automatic transmission. Toyota says that the new powertrain helps reduce fuel consumption by 1 liter per 100km to 7.8L/100km.
The new range introduces two bespoke looks, the entry-level Altise and three new Atara variants.
In the Altise, the four-cylinder unit is rated at 133kW [178HP] of power and 231Nm of torque, while the Atara variants gain twin exhausts that help lift output to 135kW [181HP] and 235Nm, which translate to gains of 15 per cent and 8 per cent respectively over the previous engine.
Prices in Australia start from AU$30,490 and top out at AU$39,990 for the flagship Atara SL.
Toyota said that the hybrid variant will join the 2012 Camry range early next year.


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